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9/24/2013 The site was compromised - we detected it, shut the hole, and restored from backup.

2012 We're changing servers in order to provide better service, and the weblog will be moving. In the meantime, updates will be posted here.

While the changeover is in process, the podcasts may not update every day, but when they will contain the missed content.

I have set the sound file bit rate to 44100 samples per second on both the podcasts and the mp3 generation page until I figure out what's broken about files generated at 8000 samples per second.

I have found the problem with the 8K samples per second mp3 files. This is a nonstandard rate that is not widely supported. I have disabled use of this rate in both the podcasts and generator page. I may turn it back on in the generator page as an option, as small files are useful for mp3 ringtones, if they work for you.

I have added a web page that lists the currently avialable quote of the day sound files.